Response to The Marriage Canon

The Marriage Canon, The Anglican Church of Canada and the Diocese of Central Newfoundland

Greetings in the Name of our Lord Jesus. 
As you visit and consider the materials found on this page, we ask you to remember that:
While we take seriously the commission to consider and reflect the work and process of our national Church in preparation for the next General Synod and the Marriage Canon, our Diocese is also in a time of self reflection with a view to embark on a time of growth and renewal. 

Getting Started

After general Synod approved the first reading of the change to the marriage canon, our bishop released a pastoral letter to the diocese. You can find it here:

Diocesan Executive

 In our diocese the regional deans meet with the bishop and executive officer for discussion and preparation on the day before the diocesan executive. 
    The September meeting of our regional deans was an extended meeting comprised of two  sections. The first  in relation to General Synod, and the second  around the visioning process that was to be occasioned by the ministry of our new bishop, and the appointment of a new executive officer.
    The Diocesan Executive  met on Wednesday September 14. It  consisted of two sections:
 a discussion around the General Synod, and Visioning for our future. The second time frame followed our regular agenda.
By all reports, we can say these were productive meetings which provided clarity, and created expectations for our future processes. This page centres around the Marriage Canon. Other information about our diocesan vision will follow.
What can we expect our process to look like?....How do we proceed?

  • First of all, we understand that people will place different levels of priority to the change of the canon, and the way we approach it. 
  • The general wisdom of the executive was that we need the conversation to take place in a thorough and open way, but it should NOT impede or obscure the greater needs of our Church.
  • We will establish a framework for all discussion, and create an expectation that
  • Every voice will be respected. 
  • Our discussion will show witness of a sincere desire for Patience, Respect and Being Present to one another. A generous and loving time. 
1 Peter 3:15 : But in your hearts revere Christ as Lord. Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have. But do this with gentleness and respect,
  • We will emphasize the need and desire for education of all sides, with the goal of seeing and understanding how people will arrive at a conclusion..."even if it is not yours."  
  • Well thought out... Theologically and scripturally. 
  • Each consult will not be done in isolation but will offer a return to discussion after time for reflection. 



Our Regional Deans have committed to enabling this process:
  •  Schedule Deanery events coordinated by the deans and facilitated by the Bishop and Executive officer
  • Follow this will be Parish consultations.
  •  Follow up Deanery events 
  • A Diocesan Event

Sources of resources will be determined. We will look to the Eastern and Western Diocese to share their resources.
Thought each step, we believe that the Spirit of Jesus will guide us...and connects the dots to the will of the spirit in all aspects of our diocesan life.
Please refer to this page often, as it will become an important resource for all.


This Link will give you an overview of all the motions of General Synod. as well as access to all videos and reports available:
Resolutions of General Synod 2016

This Link will bring you to :
The first reading of the motion to change canon xx1 (Canon 21 is here)

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